American Psych-Flo

Its hard not to give into kids when they are sick, I’m a soft touch at the best of times but when the Jam-eater was ill recently I think both Emma and I softened on a few rules we have around the house.  We are fortunate Flo is not a sickly child and this was […]

Q & A With The Jam-Eater

I’m super tired today, no idea why but I think it’s just been one of those weeks.  I realised I was a bit tired yesterday morning while getting the Jam-eater ready for her day at nursery. Flo had an exceedingly unsettled nights sleep and was waking up practically every hour wanting Emma, the only problem […]

Here, Hair, Everywhere

Apparently, as the saying goes everyone has at least one talent.  Something they excel at and can use to show off at parties, on reality TV shows or even just around the home; some people even make a career from their talent.  You know what my talent is? I’ll tell you that when I discover […]

It’s Been A While…

Hello everybody, we’re back!   I decided to take a little break as we had a bit of a busy time at the start of the month with sickness bugs flying around, work and spending time as a family so I planned to knock the writing on the head for a couple of weeks which turned into about […]

Tw*t Magnets & Drunk Toddlers

I have the worst super power in history.  Superman has flying, heat vision and superhuman strength, Batman has superb detective skills and is pretty tasty in a fight and Wonder Woman has a lasso of truth and a weaponised tiara.  Mine?  I have Twat Magnet.   What’s a Twat Magnet? Well this is the ability, […]

The Cult Of Shopkins

Collection toys are nothing new and these were something I loved as a kid.  Be it the toys from Happy meals (which were so much cooler back in the early 90’s – can you remember the transformer style toys they used to do?) to Pogs and even the Tiny Terrapins in Kinder Eggs.  I used […]