About Me


The two of us on a rare sunny day – 12minutes later Flo picked up a sandy, half-eaten, half-melted Magnum Ice cream off the beach and started to eat it…That’s my Girl!

Florence  AKA ‘The Jam-eater’ aged 2 1/2 on Eddie AKA Daddy

‘The man who lives with us is called Daddy.  He is a man who cooks for us and plays with me and Mammy.  We like him and we let him live with us  permanently after a successful trial period.  Apparently, he also likes Mammy’s massive boobies and to cuddle into them too like I do.

Daddy works in an office and deals with a lot of sweary and angry people.  Mammy says he ‘tippy taps’ on something called a computer and earns pennies for my toys.  Daddy thinks he is really funny.  He is not. ‘

Emma AKA ‘The Wife’ aged 34 on Eddie AKA Husband

‘He’s alright I suppose, bit of a dick but I love him anyway’

Tonks AKA ‘The Cat’ aged 4 on Eddie AKA Daddy



What to expect?

The funny times, the good times, the bad times and all the parts in between – including poo, thats all parents talk about really anyway isn’t it?

isn’t it?….just us then…

Enjoy the ride.


Tots 100 Awards