Potty Training:Complete

You may remember a couple of months ago that we attempted to potty train the Jam-eater, if not you can read it here if you like . Truth be told it didn’t go well at all, Flo just couldn’t grasp the concept of it and it fell by the wayside until we have returned from our holiday. A week of pissy knickers was upon us.

The week started off as expected with Flo wanting nothing to do with either the potty or the toilet, pretty standard really. She eventually managed her first full wee and this was met with rapturous applause from Emma and I, this is where she seemed to cotton on to the fact that peeing where she was supposed to would yield praise and rewards for her. Pissy knickers and soaked shoes would not bring the same praise, so after three days or so she seemed to get the idea.

I am pleased to say that as of last Sunday she she seems to have nailed it, so the next big step was a trip out into town which I was shitting myself (no pun intended) about. I have been really lucky in that I have only had to do a few nappy changes when out and about with her, now I was faced with a child that may need a piss or shit her pants at a moments notice. Honestly at certain stages of being a toddler they have more in common with alcoholics than they do with small children. 

So the trip into Darlington town centre to meet my friend Laura was a nervous trip indeed with me pestering Flo every ten minutes with the question ‘do you need a wee or a poo?’. Admittedly she did really well and the mornings trip out passed without incident, despite me having a backpack with at least 4 spare changes of clothes in case she decided to do an enpromptu piss in Primark or a sneaky shit in HMV. 

To be perfectly honest I don’t think I have ever been prouder than when she knocked a massive shite out sat on the toilet in Starbucks and then followed that up with a mini fist pump when she saw how happy I was ( this was her first poo in a toilet). To be honest that may have been eclipsed by her shouting ‘I’ve had a poo!’ across the room to Laura and the other customers who were sipping away at their coffee. I also sent a very proud snapchat of the fist pumping, smiling and turding toddler to my friend due to the excitement. He sent back a picture of his Sunday Lunch two minutes later, Richie, I apologise for any lack of appetite you experienced due to this snapchat.

Currently we are still going strong and despite asking to go to the toilet on average every 4 minutes we seem to have a toilet trained toddler.

Farewell nappies, you expensive motherfuckers!


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