The French Connection – Part Deux

It has been a remarkably quiet, relaxed and uneventful couple of weeks here in France since I last wrote.  It’s a bit on the rainy side today so the girls are making use of some of the DVD’s left in the house and the grown ups are catching up on some reading.  I say catching […]

The French Connection: Part One

Its currently 26c and I’m sat outside a renovated French farmhouse (Below), quite literally in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in rural western France.  My ginger skin has taken its usually course of turning beetroot red and the Jam-eater is a hyperactive gibbering wreck.  We have been joined on holiday by Emma’s sister, Sarah and […]

Fathers Day – Crap Cards & Argos Catalogues

It’s Fathers Day again and no doubt as you read this I will be getting spoilt rotten by the Jam-Eater, much like the rest of the Dads in the world.  When I was growing up, Fathers Day meant that I would pop to the shops and choose a card with my Mam (yup, Mam – […]

The Vomit Comet

There are a few things in life I can’t handle. DIY SOS:The Big Build makes me well up like a little bitch, the Comic Sans font disturbs me and Vomit is my kryptonite. I can’t deal with this part of parenting, the acrid smell of it hits my throat and makes me want to vomit […]

The New Alarm Clock

We have had it really lucky with the Jam-eater when it comes to sleeping on a night. Granted we don’t get the bumper amount of sleep we were used to but Flo, for the last two years, has generally slept from 7pm to 7am. She has the odd grumble through the night but nothing major. […]