Flo AKA ‘Scooter Face’

There are some milestones in a child’s life you look forward to doing, some things you may even consider a rite of passage of sorts.  Things like their first steps, learning to ride a bike and their first day at school.  We had a mini milestone today as Flo wanted to use her new scooter she had got for her birthday, as we needed to pop to the shop this was a perfect time for it.   The short ten-minute walk is through local parks and it should have taken 10 minutes walking

The Jam-eater was over cautious with her little three wheeled Peppa Pig scooter.  I think every little push she gave on her scooter got us about 10cm closer to our destination, but she was absolutely loving it.  She wasn’t the only one, so was the elderly disabled lady who was out walking her large, knackered and old dog who kept overtaking us every 2-3 minutes due to Flo’s top speed of 0.002mph. We had a nice little chat at every passing but I think she had forgotten who we were by the seventh meeting, however I think she actually did this on purpose to avoid further awkwardness if I’m completely honest.

A young boy soon went past confidently on his own neon green scooter, so I turned to the Jam-eater and said ‘That’s what you will learn to do when your more confident on your scooter’.  Florence turned to me and looked right down her little nose at me and quietly retorted ‘That’s not how you ride a scooter Daddy, you do it like this’.  Florence then stood both feet on her scooter, gripped her handle bars and excitedly shouted ‘Now you push me Daddy’.  Errrr what?!

Being the awesome Dad (or soft touch, I can never decide) Flo was gliding towards the shops at a much better rate.  We came to a slight slope and as she was having so much fun, I decided she can freewheel down the slope.  Did she fall off? No.  Was I proud? Well kind of.  I ran ahead to watch her glide down the slope – I was a proud dad.  Well until I saw her face that is.  If you have never seen Dumb and Dumber I have provided a picture below to accurately sum up her ‘Scooter Face’


The walk back from the shop was much quicker due to Flo deciding the best way to ride her scooter home would be for some gullible arsehole, namely me, to carry it all the way back home, along with the bag of shopping we went for.  Meanwhile, the Jam-eater resembled a pissed middle aged man walking home from the pub singing loudly.  In this instance Flo was staggering and skipping along singing ‘5 little monkeys jumping on the bed’ all the while swigging out of her Fruit Shoot bottle.  I was half expecting her to square up to a nearby squirrel for looking at her funny, as she kept waiving her bottle vigorously towards the little grey rodent.

Later on that day Emma asked Flo what she had been up to while she was out with Daddy.  ‘I rode my scooter to the shops and back Mammy’.  I think the look (daggers) I gave Emma summed up my thoughts on her response perfectly.



One thought on “Flo AKA ‘Scooter Face’

  1. I have been there and done that with regard to having to carry a scooter. I found it slightly preferable to having to bend over at an awkward angle and push it, however. The sense of elation when they can finally ride a scooter properly almost makes all the hassle worthwhile. Almost.

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