Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Over the last few weeks Emma and I have found a trait which is developing in the Jam-Eater and we haven’t a clue where its come from.  Obviously her good looks came from Emma and her sparkling charm and wit came from me (modesty too!), but neither myself or Emma is competitive in the slightest.  Flo however, tries to win everything and if she doesn’t your best off leaving the room.


She will make a competition out of anything, I mean anything.  Walking to the door, eating chocolate and jumping up and down are all just games to play  as far as Flo is concerned.  The plus side to this competetive streak we can now make a competition out of something she blatantly doesn’t want to do, things such as going up the stairs to bed or getting clothes on/off are so much easier with a dose of competitiveness attached to it.


It got a bit weird though tonight I’m not going to lie.


We ‘raced’ upstairs tonight to get her teeth brushed and story read before she hopped into bed.  She was busy choosing a story, so I went along to the bathroom for a wee.  As soon as the she heard the tinkling sound she ran to the bathroom door, distraught, shouting ‘I want to wee first, I want to be the winner’.  Needless to say she lost and three minutes of tired tears later, she composed herself and went to bed.


My main worry is down to the fact she gets so upset when she loses, like literally loses her shit, even to the point where she starts wind milling her arms around like some kind of drunk student in a fight.  It’s something Emma and I are going to work on, other wise its going to be a blood bath on Sports Day at her nursery.  I can picture the scene now, turning up at nursery to pick Flo up and having to walk past the parents of the children Flo just totalled because she finished 3rd in the egg and spoon race.


The plan is now to let her lose more frequently, I’m not going to turn into the ‘Competitive Dad’ who was featured on The Fast Show, but I do think she needs to know its normal to lose.  This is to protect the Jam-eater’s friends come Sports day, but more importantly to stop unwanted tantrums because I walked through the front door first.


So, if anyone needs an ego boost and wants to win at putting a 24 piece jigsaw together faster than Flo, you’re more than welcome.  Just don’t say you weren’t warned first!


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