Fifty shades of Tumble

I intended writing something semi-serious and it just turned into more smut.  Not my fault particularly this time though.

Men are generally portrayed as the more lustful and downright pervy of the two sexes.  You know what, I always thought that was the case.  I have now decided I was wrong, very wrong.  The realisation came to me thanks to a quick glimpse on Mumsnet while looking to see how many other kids programmes Mr Tumble has been involved in, yep Mumsnet you dirty yummy mummies!

I have had (and still have) some dodgy choices in celebrity crushes (Helen Mirren and Nigella Lawson to name but two), but nothing compares to the randy hoards on Mumsnet.  I think there are certain boundaries your fantasies should take, one should certainly be the people who entertain your Toddlers day in day out.

A bit of background, Mr Tumble is a kid’s TV presenter played by Justin Fletcher (below) who uses Makaton Sign Language to entertain and educate children.  Personally, I cant f***ing stand Mr Tumble but that’s just personal preference and apparently there are differing personal preferences amongst you fruity Mummies out there.




Apparently the way he says ‘I’m happy to see you’ in the Makaton sign language, favoured by the show, means something completely different in another.  More precisely, it means ‘I’m F***ing you’ in British Sign Language.  This led to the headline ‘Mr Tumble in Sex Fumble’ being spread across the murky press of Great Britain. An honest mistake, yes.  A mistake that Mumsnet members wish had a totally different meaning, most definitely.

I have included the whole Mumsnet link here, if you wish to have a look.   I’ll warn you now though, its just an oestrogen filled thread of smut and debauchery.  

Here a few of the safer comments.

 ‘possibly it’s the fact that maybe he needs big clown trousers for a reason… and it ain’t his waistline!’

‘He looks very tasty in that get up. I might have to post my knickers to him’

 ‘I never saw a swimming one (episode). Will be keeping my eyes — and pants– open for that’

 Did the parents of our generation really want to post their knickers to Dave Benson-Phillips, Timmy Mallet and Philip Schofield (actually I would totally understand them sending them to the ‘Silver Fox’). Maybe it’s a good thing that the internet wasn’t around in the late 80’s/early 90’s, I would hate to see comments from parents wanting to ruin Neil Buchanan on the set of Art Attack or to discuss how big the ‘Broom’ was in Andi Peter’s ‘Broom Cupboard’.

If you have any crushes on kids TV presenters feel free to leave them in the comments, but please keep them clean.  Think of the children!




6 thoughts on “Fifty shades of Tumble

  1. No, just no. My kids always liked ‘Something Special’ so I have seen more than enough of Mr Tumble to pass judgment. No. No, no, no. Fletcher is very talented at what he does but no. No. I remember one of my friends having a crush on Mr Bloom from Mr Bloom’s Nursery, also on CBeebies, and I could not fathom that either. Perhaps parents form crushes on whoever or whatever will keep their kids entertained long enough for them to nip to the loo for a pee alone and undisturbed. I imagine that creates a low threshold.

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    1. This is all so wrong. This is Mr Tumble we’re talking about. Apparently Mr Bloom and Andy from Dinosaur adventures are mum-crush items too. I just can’t see it myself. But then again, I do have a thing for Pat, Postman Pat – he could deliver my mail anyday! ;o)

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  2. Hilarious as always! Nigella Lawson and Helen Mirren are perfectly respectable choices! Mind you, you’ve been naive if you thought men were the smutty ones. I’ve lost count of the times my partner has chastised me for being too crude and going too far! Hehe

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