YouTube: The Next Generation

I’m only 33 but I know I’m getting that little bit older when I find myself muttering ‘what the f*** is that all about’ under my breath. I usually do it when TOWIE, a Kardashian or Mr Tumble is on the TV. 

The latest instance is down to ‘Kids Youtube’. That’s right you heard me, YouTube for kids. What a load of old shite. Honestly, is nothing sacred anymore?

I use YouTube for music videos, movie trailers and the occasional dancing cat.  What I found on kids YouTube was far odder. 

We restrict the Jam-eaters usage on the iPad so she doesn’t turn into an unsociable little shit of a toddler and she understands that it’s a big treat to play on it occasionally.

I installed CBeebies and Kids YouTube for her to play about with and that’s when the portal into a bizarre world was opened. 

Flo was engrossed in a video and  was killing  herself laughing. What’s was so funny?  She was watching a video of some other kids, probably about the age of 5, opening a kinder egg and playing with the toy. That’s it. 

Another was a grown woman playing with Peppa Pig toys playing out a story using silly voices to further push her playful porcine story across. She resembled the type of woman who you would find hanging  around outside Sainsburys with a can of cider, a collection of carrier bags and a smell which would make you steer well clear.

Silly thing is though, one American couple are expected to make $1.5 million in advertising revenue this year from filming their kids playing with toys. These toys are also sent to them, free of charge, by the toy companies, maybe I should get in on this. 

I really don’t think I would have the same appeal though to be honest playing with toys and recording it, I’d give it ten minutes before ‘bloke mode’ kicks in.  

It will either end up with Barbie and Ken bonking all over the Dream house (with full range of nookie noises), or a full scale Call of Duty bloodbath with every F word in existence being used. 

Best leave it to the professionals in this case I think. All though if you want a copy of ‘Barbie and Ken’ I’ll make an exception to this and get it to you in the post. 


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