The Jam-eater, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Let’s start today with a little pop quiz shall we?

What was Flo shouting at 6.15am this morning?

A) ‘I’m awake and would like breakfast please’

B) ‘I want my Mammy’

C) ‘I want to go and sit in my wardrobe’

Oh, I wish it was A or B. But nope, it was bloody C. 

Maybe a bit of context is needed. The other day we had a clear out of all of Flo’s old clothes to take to the charity shop, leaving her wardrobe nice and organised. For a bit of a fun we played hide and seek with Flo hiding in the wardrobe, now it’s her favourite place to play. 

A couple of days ago I heard the wardrobe doors close so I expected to walk into her room and find her bursting out of her wardrobe shouting ‘boo’ while I pretend to be shit scared. A good 3-4 minutes passed with me waiting in her room, but there was no Jam-eater jumping out at me like a possessed elf. 

So, I opened the door and she was just stood there, extremely contented, eating some Jam and bread (luckily she kept her hands to her self and the rest of her clothes remained clean). 

‘Do you want to come and play with some other toys Flo?’ I asked trying to speed up the bedtime process. 

‘No, I love my wardrobe’ was the blatant and stern response while she rolled her eyes at me whilst clambering back into the wardrobe.

 I half expected snow to blow out and see her disappear into Narnia to invite Mr Tumnus to play with her toys. 

As well as being a blog post I would also like to use this is  
 a disclaimer, just in case Flo starts wandering around telling people we make her sit in a wardrobe. We don’t. It’s her choice….

….however if she does enjoy it and wishes to go and sit in her wardrobe for ten minutes so we can eat our Dinner in peace, who are we to argue?


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