DJ, play a song for the Mothers

I write this as someone who lost their Mother nearly three years ago, so granted today, Mothers Day, is quite a bittersweet day. As hard as it is not being able to pop along to my Mam’s house with a box of chocolates and flowers, we get the amazing job of spoiling Emma, my Wife and Florence’s Mammy. 

This post is just a quick tribute to Emma and every Mother that has been and ever will be. You don’t half take for granted what your mam ever did for you until you witness it first hand in your own house from the birth of your own Jam-eater. 

So, to the Single Mothers, Working Mothers, Stay at home Mothers and every other kind of Mother, on behalf of Sons, Daughters and Daddies everywhere. Thank you. Not just for what you do for the kids but what you do for the bigger kids in the house too. 

We don’t thank you properly when you are picking our used pants off the bedroom floor, when your scrubbing the bath, when your clearing up our mess or when your covered in your child’s vomit because ‘someone’ would vomit a lot more if they had to do it themselves. 

We don’t even thank you when you do the ‘big shop’ with a hyperactive toddler, wipe shitty arses when out in public ( the kid’s arses, not ours) and most of all reassure us, when we need it, that we are decent Dads. 

Thank you for pretending to care when we talk to you about how far we have progressed on the latest level of our PS4 games, thank you for the meals you cook for us and for keeping our homes clean and tidy. 

Mams, Mummies, Mothers and Grannies I hope you enjoy your day.  You all deserve the cards and gifts you will receive.
I can’t send you all cards (basically because your not my mother) but here’s a big thumbs up to all of you from the Jam-eater herself. 



One thought on “DJ, play a song for the Mothers

  1. On behalf of mothers, thank you for representing the fathers that know mothering (parenting) is a whole lot of hard work that is often unnoticed or taken for granted. I appreciate you making a post about it. Happy Mother’s Day to Emma.

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