Will she ever let go of ‘Let it go’?

There are numerous songs I have heard in excess of a several hundred times, please see the list below for a few examples:

Help! – The Beatles

Books from Boxes – Maximo Park

The Masterplan – Oasis

Let it go – Frozen (Original Soundtrack)

For Whom The Bell Tolls – Metallica

See what’s sticking out in there like a sore thumb? Four of these songs are placed in there because, well, I love them – one, not so much.   

Let’s talk Disney, lets talk about the childhood cult that is ‘Frozen’.  I don’t anticipate this cult to reach the heights of David Koresh or the  ‘Heavens Gate’  cults but there’s just something not right with ‘Frozen’.

For the record, I actually enjoyed Frozen the first 16 times I had watched it, now its just in the ‘passive’ collection of things Flo will watch. This includes Mr Tumble (now there’s a cult, or at least some word to that effect), Bubble Guppies and Paw Patrol.  It’s a wholesome, fun and family friendly film, now the soundtrack, that’s a different story all together – that’s where the devil gets involved.

The first time I had noticed the power of the music was one cold night in Sunderland.   We were at the Illuminations and the Jam-eater was cold, grumpy and tired after the journey and also for being kept up past her bedtime.  We were heading back towards the car and suddenly the beast was stunned, like she had heard another wild animal/child call from afar.  Turns out it was ‘Let it go’ playing on an approaching Carousel and once we got closer Flo just, well, how do I say this politely…err… lost her shit! She loved it and has never looked back and, unfortunatley, Frozen has a massive place in our lives now.

She’s tired and needs relaxing – ‘Love is an open door’

She’s pissed off – ‘Let it go’

She wants to dance – ‘Let it go’

You need to distract her – ‘Let it go’

Need her to dance like a performing monkey –’Let it go’

Anything else – ‘Let it go’

It’s a good soundtrack, but nothing cuts the mustard more than a bit of ‘Let it go’.  She loves it, her cousin loves it and no doubt every bloody ankle-biter around the world loves it. In fact, show me a child under 5 who doesn’t like Frozen and I will show you a liar.

It’s the parents who suffer it most though, its subliminally imprinted in every parent’s head. If anybody just says ‘Let it go’ in general conversation at work, you know fine well the orchestra has just struck up in someone’s head and the whole chorus line is pounding the brain cells into a soft Disney mush.

Ah well, I’m sure the phase will pass.  What’s that? They’re making another?  Oh Shit.  Anyone want to build a snowman instead?


One thought on “Will she ever let go of ‘Let it go’?

  1. It’s the worst earworm ever in its persistence. It’s a cracking song, for sure, but it also gets old really quickly when it’s on repeat in your brain all day. Also, I prefer ‘Tangled’ to ‘Frozen’.


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