Why? Why? Why? Why?

Apparently according to several websites, between the age of two and three, children develop the cognitive ability to make logical connections between things and to understand why things happen. This is a critical skill that helps them gain a much more complex understanding of how the world works.. When they ask, “why?” they are showing a thirst for knowledge. I disagree, I think the Jam-eater knows that it really winds me up and will repeat the word ‘Why’ repeatedly because of that fact.

The below conversation happened this morning after walking into her room and opening her curtains, exposing the just below freezing temperatures outside.

Daddy (D) ‘Oh its nice and frosty outside today’

Flo (F) ‘What’s Fwosty?’

(D) ‘It’s what happens when its really cold outside, the white stuff is Frost’

(F) ‘Why Daddy?’

(D) ‘Because its winter’

(F) ‘Why?’

(D) ‘Because it’s not Summer, so its Winter, it’s cold in Winter’

(F) ‘Why?’

This is the point in the conversation which my buttons have been pushed and I realise that there would be no point in trying to explain ‘Frost’ to her, as it would be about as much use as tits on a fish.

So, I decided to ignore her and have a little fun and Breakfast was the superb opportunity in which I hoped I would regain Daddy dignity. The conversation continued.

(F) Can I have some Toast Daddy?

(D) *Smugly* ‘Why Flo?’

(F) ‘With Jam?’

(D) *even more smug* ‘Why?’

At this point I realised that Flo has a shorter fuse than me and she ends up face down on the sofa crying her eyes out screaming ‘I WANT TOAST!! I WANT MAMMY!’. At this point she resembles a child who has been crying for 3 weeks even though its only been 15 Seconds..

I decided at this point it was probably wise to make the toast and keep quiet. Why? Exactly.


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