It’s my Potty and I’ll cry if I want to

I know fans of Cricket say that there is nothing better than hearing the sound of ‘Leather hitting Willow’, I don’t think the potty training equivalent of ‘soft poo hitting hard plastic’ will ever catch on in the same way. 

The Jam-eater has been telling us lately when she’s had a ‘Wee-Wee’ and a ‘Poo-Poo’, so we decided to give potty training an initial go. I don’t think she’s quite ready just yet, but we shall persevere when we have more time in the house with her. 

Yesterday started great with several successful tinkles in the potty, which to be honest, Emma and I applauded like it was ‘last night of the proms’. Then, unawares Flo takes to the potty and ‘SLAP!!’, shit went down. Literally. 

‘Emmmmaaaa!!!!!!!!’ I shouted upstairs.

‘What?’ The reply came. 

‘It’s massive and looks like a Snickers bar’ I reply while running up the stairs, poo laden potty in hand, half excited and half gagging from the smell. 

Once again the applause continued and due to commitments we left the house with Flo, now in pull ups, being interrogated by us asking ‘do you need a Wee?’ Every 73 seconds or so. 

Unfortunately the success was short lived as Flo was clinging onto the living room floor-lamp later in the day whispering ‘I’m having a Wee daddy’. She was basically hanging onto the lamp like a smiling, incontinent stripper. 

I’m sure we will get there over the next few days with a lot more perseverance and a lot less pee soaked lamps. I’ll keep you posted. 



6 thoughts on “It’s my Potty and I’ll cry if I want to

  1. Ha ha ha! Oh the potty training days. I am so very glad those are behind me. My four were all very different at getting potty trained but mercifully, once they had decided to co-operate with the process, it was all done and dusted in one week. One messy, stinky, laundry- and disinfectant-heavy week. I could identify with your whoops of delight at the “produce”. My kids used to get me to take photos of their poop so they could show Daddy later. It’s definitely a strange period of time in the parenting gig. Best of luck!


      1. With my oldest, I just took a week of being housebound to get the job done. It was much more complicated with the younger boys because they had to work around a schedule that did not necessarily accommodate potty training. My third son decided it was time to potty train the day after I came home from hospital with his baby brother. Brilliant timing that. Honestly, with my youngest, I actually worried that he would be starting school still wearing pull ups. It didn’t happen. They all get there in the end and at their own pace.

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  2. I love it when you say ” do you need a wee” and the darlings say no….2 seconds later oh wee weeπŸ˜† .
    My best memory of potty training was when my youngest Jacob did a pee on the toilet and myself and mum were clapping and giving huge praise when Isabelle walks in and says why are you clapping? Me.. “Jacobs done a wee on the toilet”! I’ve been doing that for years, you don’t make that fuss for meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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