A word with the ‘F-Bomb’

Hiya, my name is Florence, I’m a Toddler and I’ve just ‘borrowed’ Daddy’s computer

There you go, that’s all you need to know really.  Only joking of course.  Sorry, that’s just me being awkward.

It is just that I have recently discovered that since around the time of my second birthday I have a particular good knack of being brutally awkward.  I mean, before that I could happily wind the Parentals up, but this is different.  It is like…well…like.. I actually enjoy being awkward.

Mammy tells Daddy that it is something called the ‘Terrible Two’s’ and Daddy has started calling me the ‘F-Bomb’ due to my apparent destructive capabilities.  I personally call it ‘Blooming Marvellous’. It is like I have a superpower like in the comics Daddy reads, I could be called ‘Awkward Girl’, or something.  I was talking with the older girls in my group in nursery and apparently its normal, exciting and fun!

I have looked through the books in the ‘Under 3’ section at the library Mammy takes me too and there is no advice about this apparent transition I am undergoing.  I am sure its perfectly normal but this feeling of selfishness I have since turning two needs to have an outlet and well, I’m sorry but my parents, especially Daddy, may have to face the consequences of this.

Stay Tuned…


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