A bit of a ‘sticky’ situation

So, just over a little over a month since the toy festival known as Christmas ended, I was expecting a few toys to fall by the wayside. Am I right? Kind of. The sticker books have been used, play kits repeatedly brought out of the toy box and the dollies have all had eight names each ranging from the imaginative ‘Dolly’ to the less than imaginative ‘Barry’.

I think a financial lesson has been learned though, no matter how many times you hear ‘They’ll only play with the box’ being arrogantly slurred in your direction, I am yet to believe this would be case. Were we naive?, no, it would be stupid to buy your child a box. You would look like the shittest parents in the land.
 Do we expect Flo to make or find random toys? Yes, because she is a child and can make a toy out of everything she finds. But at least we now know what to buy her for her birthday in May…. A STICK!!

That’s right, a month after ‘Toy Fest’ the Jameater just wants to play with a bloody stick!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I like to encourage imaginative play, it’s the right thing to do. But if someone gave me a stick that was found in the park that sixteen cats have probably pissed over and numerous dogs have played ‘fetch’ with, my joy wouldn’t be greatly forthcoming in your direction.

So that’s it, I’m going to the park finding some sticks and moving to Mumsnet and eBay to sell them at a fiver a pop. Surely this would work? Someone must have thought of this?

Somehow I don’t think anyone would touch this idea with a shitty stick…at least not the one currently residing in Flo’s Toybox.


One thought on “A bit of a ‘sticky’ situation

  1. My boys were always big fans of sticks, pebbles, snail shells, sea shells… any random “treasure” they could find and stuff in their pockets. It was always such joy to empty my washing machine and find snail shells in there. Honestly, only my oldest son has outgrown the habit of stuffing “nature’s bounty” into his pockets. Last Autumn, my youngest started collecting the dead bodies of cicadas and keeping them in a jar in his bedroom. So you have that sort of thing to look forward to!

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