Lets start at the beginning….ish

My name is Eddie  and I live in the north east of England.  I have a Wife (I still can’t believe I pulled that one out of the bag) called Emma, a Cat called Tonks and a beautiful, if not slightly unhinged child, called Florence.  Florence is to be the main subject of this blog and Myself, Emma and the Cat are merely bystanders.

I am sometimes of the opinion that this is now Florence’s home and she lets us live here, see she is about to turn three shortly and she has developed……well….what the kids today would call ‘Swag’.  Seriously, I don’t know how kids learn to roll their eyes or shrug their shoulders with such contempt and annoyance.

The point of this blog is that basically I am now fascinated with the world that has recently opened up since the ‘Terrible Twos’ kicked in and the up and coming ‘Threenage’ years are impending.  Jesus, who even thinks up of these names.  From Florence’s friends at nursery to asking ‘Have I done a poo?’ in the most busy and yet quiet of surroundings, everything seems to have a punchline or is just damn funny.  Apart from Mr Tumble, Mr Tumble is never funny.

I aim to update this as often as possible or whenever the mood takes me so I hope you will come along for the ride with me.  Oh, I also like to swear on occasion, don’t judge me.





One thought on “Lets start at the beginning….ish

  1. Look forward to your quirky insights, as for Florence well from what Emma says she runs circles around you both šŸ˜œ Say hi to Emma luv Issy xxx


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