The Tactless Daughter

I will admit that I am not the most tactful person, however I will try my best whenever I can not to blurt out something which should be kept to the inner confines of my mind. It appears that Flo, or any toddler for that matter, must not learn the knack of being tactful until […]

Disneyland Paris – A Dad’s Review

So we have been back from Disneyland Paris for three weeks near enough now and I finally have the time to sit down and write something.  As the Jam-eater has pretty much been on her best and most normal behaviour this has left me nothing to write about apart from Disneyland Paris itself. The thing […]

AKA Daddy – One Year On

Happy 1st Blogiversary….if that’s even a thing (apparently it is). I am writing this post on a train as we head for a lovely family holiday to Disneyland Paris, yay!  A whole week with my child and another couple of thousand screaming little fuckers.  I’m joking, I am sure it will be awesome and to […]

Disney Without Rose Tinted Glasses

The one thing the Jam-eater loves more than anything apart from the sound of her own voice is Disney Princesses, even at three years old she has a sound understanding of all the Disney Princesses and gets lost in her story books, colouring books, and all of the Disney films.  To be fair its been […]

The Gooch Of The Year

Well here we are at the end of 2016 and in what I call the ‘Gooch of the year’, it’s the few days in between the pleasurable time that is Christmas and the festivities of  New Year (I’m not miserable I just don’t see the appeal of New Years Eve anymore, this is possibly related […]

An Honest View Of Kids TV

There are few things which can boil my piss quicker than a quick read of the comments on a status on Facebook or particularly at the bottom of a news article, it is something Dave Gorman refers to as the ‘Bottom half of the internet’.  However that changed last week as comedian Jason Manford posted […]

Blackmail AKA Festive Parenting

I like Christmas time but I tend to ignore it the best I can until December, however now the trees are beginning to pop up around town (quite why I have no idea, it is still the middle of November) the festive period is beginning to creep in slowly with secret Santa gifts to find, […]